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QUEEN TRADING AND LOGISTICS COMPANY is a trading and shipping company based in TURKİYE  ( TURKEY  ) who Works with a variety of products such as food & beverage .

Traders, next to planners, young guns next to old hands, “experience” next to “just starting out”. Everyone has their own role, together! For the customer. For the business. For the best result. Drive with pleasure. Does a customer have a challenge, an ambition, an idea? Together we come up with the solution!


Hands on training, starting at the bottom, whether you are a big shot, or commercial babe, everyone starts at the same place. New Generation, new time, new insights. The history and values are cherished, working methods and presentation are adapted to this day and age.


Core Values and Integrity
Do what you say, and say what you do. Be open, be honest. This is how we treat each other and that is how we would like others to treat us. Trust is the foundation of all we do.


Together we work in and on our company. We don’t exist without our customers, so we know for whom and what we are doing it. It is why we all go the extra mile, without complaining. Does our customer have a problem, or a challenge? We will be looking for a solution, that helps him further, and in the end, helps us too. Without each other we achieve nothing, that is why we learn from each other, it is why we help each other. Not only at the start, but you can count on everyone’s help along the ride.

QUEEN  is committed to each other, you take care of one another. Of course, money has to be earned,  but we also feel our responsibility in the long term. To our people, but also to our environment. We ensure that everyone receives a fair salary, that everyone stays fit and that there is room for fun.We realise that our business has an impact on the environment.  Where we can we adapt our actions.


Driven and effective
We have an enormous intrinsic drive. An action-oriented mentality. Each of us in our own way. “Not possible” are not words in our vocabulary. Pull out all the stops, with a smile 🙂


Yes, you read and heard it right. What we deliver ends up on people’s plates. So, that must be good. To make sure what we buy and sell, we buy from the source, we know our suppliers. To ensure quality, we visit our partners. Both with our suppliers and with our customers. If we see that people do not handle “our” products properly. Or do not use the same quality standard as we do, the party will not go on. Or we look for a solution together. You handle FOOD with respect.

Good food on your plate every day. Super important. For your body and your life. When we think of food, we are talking about quality and taste. They must be top notch. We understand that there are differences in what people can afford to spend. But that does not mean that quality is only reserved for those with a bigger wallet. Everyone deserves quality on their plate.


We search all over the world for quality in every segment. Negotiate the best deal. And the best deal is: quality at the best possible price. We do that together. Every day. With our team, with our partners, our suppliers and our customers. We have our ideas about – or rather – requirements for – quality. So we want to know exactly where our products come from and go. We know where our products come from. And then it has to arrive in the same condition in the right place. That requires a lot from us, but also from our (transport) partners. If you go for the same goal together, you know what to do, what is needed. And of course something can always go wrong. But then you have to talk about it, solve it: together. If you have that trust in one another, you will, at a certain moment, be able to finish each others sentences, you stick together, and that is how we do it. That is why we have been working with our partners – often – for decades. These trusted partnerships have another advantage: you get the best price. Through volumes, through agreements, because you know one another. Finally everyone benefits from this: our customers, and their customer.

We export COFFEE ,fish, poultry, vegetebale oil, spices, dry fruits and dry vegetables. The world is our oyster. Our purchasing takes place in Brezil ,India,  the United States, Canada and Europe. Our goods mainly go to non-European countries. Africa and Asia are important sales markets. We take care of the entire process of purchasing, packaging and transport.
The quality of our products? It has to be good, better, and even better than that: BEST!


Vision Statement

To provide the best quality products and services to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Mission Statement

We are one of the most trusted food companies
and we try to offer the best services to our customers through
to the continuous improvement of our products and the development of new varieties of products. We continue to strive
and challenge ourselves to improve and invent products and
services that are nothing but the best for our customers.


Good management practices, continuous improvements and a wide variety of products are our priorities.

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